Payroll Not Including Labor Hours


Doing Write Payroll, and some Labor Hours records are not being included in Goldenseal payroll software.


There are several possible causes for this. Below are listed reasons a record may not be included.


1. Check record DATE- needs to be within the correct pay period. Check for bad year, especially if the record is for a December or January (could be an incorrect year).
2. Check record STATUS- Goldenseal construction payroll software will not include payroll hours that are Void, Planned or Job Cost Only.
3. Are they using more than one Wage Schedule? If so, check the Wage Schedules used in the Labor Hours in question. GS can't mix Salary and Hourly, can't mix Weekly and BiWeekly, and can't mix two schedules with different start & end dates for the pay period. In those cases it will include the first wage schedule it hits, and then ignore incompatible items. You might need to either change the wage schedules, or run Write Payroll more than once (don't pay it from Write Payroll until you get to the last schedule, and Goldenseal will combine them all into one paycheck).
4. If there is something in the Wage Schedule field in Write Payroll, it will only include hours at that wage rate.
5. It won't include hours if the Wage Schedule is set to Owner Draw, Equity or a few of the others that don't represent regular payroll.

Click here for some more things that can cause labor hours to not show in payroll.


Entered 9/26/03 by Dennis. Updated 11/12/2010.