Hours not Showing in Write Payroll


I just entered Labor Hours, and it's not showing up in the Write Payroll command in Goldenseal payroll software.


Go to the record, hit the Enter key, then try again. The "knock" sound lets you know that Goldenseal construction payroll software has saved the Labor Hours record to your hard drive, and posted it so Write Payroll will know it exists.

If that doesn't do it, check the Status of the record? If Void or Paid, it won't show up. Ditto for Job Cost Only.

If not that, is the amount zero?

Is there a valid employee? Check the Employee account and make sure they have active status, and a valid Wage Schedule that includes actual payroll.

Is the date within the correct pay period?

NOTE-- newer versions of Goldenseal start with the earliest pay period that includes unpaid labor hours. If there are hours for an earlier pay period, payroll may start out with an earlier, unexpected pay period. Check the pay period date range in the Write Payroll window to verify the correct dates.


GS doesn't save a record when it's still incomplete. It saves it when you hit the Enter key, close the window, or move to a different record. GS posts during the save. Before that, nothing knows about the new record.

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Entered 1/30/01 by Dennis. Updated 11/12/2010.