View Menu Commands

This page lists the commands in the View menu.

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Main Account | Second Account | Job Account
Detail Transaction | Payment Transaction | Deposit Transaction
Security | Open Window List

Main Account
Second Account
Job Account-- These three menu commands open the accounts that are displayed in the current account or transaction window.  Use them to see more information about an account.

HINT-- To view an account, you can also click on the popup button for a clairvoyant field, and choose View This Account from the bottom of the menu.  If the field is disabled, double-click on the field to see the account.

Detail Transaction
Payment Transaction
Deposit Transaction-- These three menu commands open transactions that are linked to the current account or transaction.  The detail transaction can be the item that this transaction pays for, or some other item that is linked to this one.  The payment transaction is the transaction that paid for this one.  The deposit transaction is the bank deposit that covers this item.

Security Commands-- Goldenseal includes several utilities that help you to check the integrity of your accounting records and data.  For more details, click here.

Open Window List-- The bottom of the View menu shows an alphabetical list of all windows that are currently open.  Choose an item from the list to bring that window to the front (Macintosh only-- in Windows, use the Windows menu).

HINT-- Goldenseal remembers the position of windows, so they will reopen at the same size and location. If you leave windows open when you leave Goldenseal, they will be opened again when you start it again.