File Menu Commands

This page lists all of the Goldenseal File menu commands in the Goldenseal accounting software and business management software.

New Business File | Open Business File | Company Info | Sign On / Sign Off
Close Window | Page Setup | Print Forms | Print | Save As Text
Import | Export | Save A Copy | Exit/Quit

New Business File-- Creates a new Business File.  Use the New Business File command when you first start using Goldenseal, if you want to fill in a completely empty file.

HINT-- To save setup time, start with a Starter File instead.

Open Business File-- Opens an existing Business File.  Use the Open Business File command if you have already created a file for your business, and want to open it.

Sign On/Sign Off-- If you are signed on with a password, Sign Off allows you to leave Goldenseal.  If nobody is currently signed on, Sign On allows you to open a file with your user name and password.

NOTE-- If this file does not use passwords, the Sign On/Sign Off menu command is disabled.

Close Window-- Closes the window that is currently active.  Use the Close Window command if you are finished using this window.

HINT-- If you want to switch to a different part of Goldenseal, you don't need to close the current window. When you open a new window, Goldenseal will place it in front of other windows.  To bring a different window to the front, choose its menu command, or choose it from the bottom of the View menu (Macintosh) or Windows menu (Windows).

HINT-- Goldenseal remembers the position of windows.  When you re-open a file, the windows will reopen at their previous location.

Save As Text-- Saves data in the active window as a text file.  You can use this command to save text from any account or transaction. You can then open the text file with a word processor or spreadsheet program.

Save A Copy-- Saves a copy of the entire business file.  Use the Save a Copy command to make a backup copy.  You'll be asked for a file name, and a location on your hard drive.  When you click Save, a copy will be saved there.

Exit/Quit-- Use the Exit command (Windows) or Quit command (Macintosh) if you are finished using Goldenseal, and want to turn off your computer or switch to a different program.

HINT-- You don't need to quit if you plan to use another program, but want to come back to Goldenseal.