Item Breakdowns

Item breakdowns let you include specific Cost Items or Assemblies in a transaction.

The Item breakdown shows you a breakdown table where you can enter the exact material Cost Items that you purchased.

Fill in the following columns for each row in the table:

Cost Area-- Enter the basic job cost area for the item.
Category-- Enter the Cost Category for the item.
Subcategory-- If the job account uses a category system with subcategories, enter a cost subcategory.
Item-- Choose a Cost Item from the clairvoyant field.  Goldenseal will only show you items in the entered category.
HINT-- If you don't see the desired item, leave the Category column blank.   Then you'll see all available cost items.

Unit Cost-- Goldenseal will fill in the unit cost for the entered Cost Item.
Size-- Goldenseal will fill in the unit size for the entered Cost Item.
Quantity-- Type in the number of items that you've purchased.
Item Total-- Goldenseal calculates the total cost for this line items (unit cost x quantity).
Tax-- Turn off the checkmark if this item is not taxable.  Turn it on if it is.
Location-- Enter a Location for the item.

NOTE-- The Item breakdowns breakdowns for some transactions used in Goldenseal accounting software may have slightly different columns than this one.