Goldenseal 4.5 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the Version 4.5 software update for Goldenseal accounting software and construction estimating software.

The biggest change in this update-- Goldenseal for Macintosh now runs native on Intel processors. This change required us to switch from CodeWarrior to Xcode for compiling. It was a real hassle, but the new compiler did point out a couple of subtle coding errors, which will help make Goldenseal more reliable for all platforms.

Bugs Fixed
Bank Transactions-- error messages if opened with Basic version
Cache Report-- give an error message
Change Orders-- won't bill fixed price items
Contracts-- incorrectly misses project info, if no specs
Deposit Funds-- improper deposits for billed sales, if using 'split project deposits'
Estimates-- Bill of Materials by Task report shows blank lines, if made for a partial date range
Estimates-- incorrectly shows Bids with void status
Estimates-- new Cost Item erases quantity if padlock is open
Estimates-- reports don't list estimates, if file switched from Mac to Windows or vice versa
Inventory Used-- not posting to T&M billing
Labor Hours-- change to days worked does not update overtime in breakdown table
Rental Billing-- does just one tenant at a time
Seattle City Tax-- drops 3rd decimal on import
Multiuser Version-- new records from client show extra record count
Printing-- Magnify command incorrectly expands printed forms
W2 Form-- sometimes shows extra decimals

Minor Changes & Improvements
Automatic Backup-- temporarily removed
Billing Statements-- added messages
Change Account Command-- now works on multi-user client
Construction Costs-- most were updated
Custom Layouts-- window starts out larger
Demo Version-- allows unlimited numbers of Cost Items and Assemblies
Estimates-- duplicated Estimate asks whether to update prices
Estimates-- now possible to move the Cost Area column in item breakdowns
Files-- can open 4.5 files with version 4.4
Find Command-- white box for fields with transparent fill
Lists-- error message for missing items
Multi-User Version-- safer handling of progress bars
Reconcile Command-- works faster for clients
Sales-- improvements to Clean Up Record command
Time & Materials Billing-- expenses linked with bills

New Features
Cost Items-- change price button
Deposit Funds-- split project deposits
Events-- tracking for one-time income items, midway between a Sale and a Project
Find Command-- Find Previous command
Macintosh Version-- runs native on Intel chips