Goldenseal 3.6 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the version 3.6 software update for Goldenseal accounting software and construction estimating software (available May 8, 2006).

Bugs Fixed
Bank Transaction menus unavailable if all accounts are closed
Bill of Materials incorrect menu name in Basic version
Billed & Paid Status showing incorrectly as unpaid in reports
Category field sometimes gets wrong Category System
Estimate cost summary and fixed price Assemblies
Estimate line items with negative quantity don't get price updates
Hours year to date not working
Labor Hours overtime warning is too zealous
Price and sales tax missing in Simple Estimate printed form
Project income incorrect when in a group deposit
Small rounding errors in Assemblies
Validation Failed message after Deposit Funds

Minor Changes & Improvements
Improved password access to accounts
Option to block error messages in active server

New Features
Change Orders & Allowances-- Cost Breakdowns
Change Orders have Contract Plus Changes field
Comments in subassemblies
Date Reconciled for bank transactions
Employee Info report
Income Tax Class in Bank Transactions
Income Tax Class in Employee accounts
Income Tax report adds Job and Details
Job Address for Chargebacks
Payroll Taxes per day in month or per weekday in month
Purchase Orders from Material Purchases
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