Line Returns (Mac vs Windows)

I see a bunch of squares at the start of each line!

Older versions of Macintosh use a carriage return (CR) between paragraphs, newer versions of Macintosh use a line feed (LF) between paragraphs, and Windows uses a carriage return and a line feed (CR/LF).

Goldenseal small business accounting software usually displays either type of info correctly on all three possible platforms. However, if you copy and paste text from one platform to another, in some cases you may get extra LF characters-- which will show up as unprintable characters (squares). If that happens you can just delete the squares.

NOTE-- We'd like to hear about any problems displaying carriage returns properly within Goldenseal.

If you are exporting text from Goldenseal accounting software, and want to control how the text is formatted, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Preferences from the Options menu, and choose File from the submenu.
  2. If you want Mac-style returns (CR), turn off the checkbox for Export Windows Line Returns. If you want Windows-style returns (CR/LF), turn on the checkbox.

NOTE-- You may also see squares if you used special characters on one platform, that don't have a printable equivalent on another platform.

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