Goldenseal is Very Slow (Low Memory)


Goldenseal accounting software is very slow, particularly when finding records, using commands like Write Payroll, or when saving records.


If the hard disk is not fragmented, it may be a problem with insufficient RAM.

If the computer doesn't have enough RAM it will use virtual memory-- which is disk space pretending to be RAM. It is MUCH slower.

Goldenseal also will "cache" objects during complex operations like Write Payroll. That means that it won't have to go to the disk so often, which makes it much faster. However if memory is very low, that is not possible and there will be much more disk access, which is MUCH slower than RAM time.

If you have been running Goldenseal construction accounting software for many hours, it may also start having memory problems due to "leaks" of memory in our programming. This is more of a problem in early versions.

Ditto if you've been using the computer all day with a web browser open, or other software programs that use a lot of RAM memory.

HINT-- On Windows, you can hit control-alt-delete and look at the Task Manager, to see how much RAM is in use. It will also help you to diagnose programs that are using up clock cycles.


Long Term Solution-- Get more RAM. Remove other RAM-hogging programs, or make sure Goldenseal is the only thing running.

Short Term Solution-- If Goldenseal accounting software has been running for a long time and starts getting slow, you may need to quit and restart the program.


Entered 9/21/04 by Dennis. Updated 11/13/2010.