Currency Symbol


how to convert to foreign currency symbols- pesos, pounds, euros, etc in Goldenseal accounting software


We use the currency symbol that is set in your computer's system, for our display in all reports and screen displays. The way you'll set that up depends on your computer type.


To change currency symbol for our Macintosh accounting software-- choose System Preferences from the Apple menu, click the International icon, then click the Formats tab.

NOTE- for older Macintosh computers running OS 9, enter the currency symbol into the Numbers control panel.


For our Windows accounting software-- use the Regional Settings control panel (also called International Settings, or Regional and Language Options, depending on your Windows version).


To change the currency TEXT in check printing with the Macintosh version, they'll need to use ResEdit (available for download from or
1. Open the Goldenseal application with ResEdit.
2. Open the STR# resource.
3. Open the Currency Names item, and change text there.
4. Save changes and close the file.


Entered 1/25/02 by Casey. Updated 11/13/2010.