Sort Command Disabled


The Sort command is disabled in Goldenseal accounting software!


If only one record is currently found, there is nothing to sort so the command is disabled. That's logical.

NOTE-- To see if that is the case, check the number next to Found, under the browser "book" at the upper left corner of the record window.

However if the one record has a breakdown, Goldenseal construction accounting software erroneously still disables the command in versions prior to 2.31. That is a problem if you wanted to use the Sort command to sort the rows in the breakdown table!


If you want to sort a breakdown in version 2.3, you'll need to choose Find All from the Edit menu (or add another record if only one record). Then you can use the Sort command.

Bug fixed in 2.31 and later versions (it now enables the command if one found record, when it also has a breakdown).


Entered 1/20/03 by Casey. Updated 11/13/2010.