Many Icons in Chart of Accounts


User has many accounts (>1000) and some things are very slow. Sorting in Chart of Accounts is slow. Changing account name takes forever to save. Watch cursor goes a long time. Why does it sort Chart of Accounts?


User complains of slow speeds. They have very large number of accounts (>1000) in Goldenseal small business accounting software.


The user may want to consider changing some accounts to the 'don't display' icon-- it will speed up actions that require sorting the chart of accounts.

1. Use the Find command to locate all accounts that don't need an icon.
2. Double-click on the icon in one of the accounts. It will show a window to edit the icon.
3. Choose the circle/slash icon, and hit OK.
4. Choose Replace All from the Edit menu, and replace Account Icon.

NOTE-- When the account name changes, the list of accounts needs to be sorted-- which can take a while if there are many account icons. If they remove the account icons as above, they can still data enter with that account, since it will show up in popup menus and clairvoyant fields.


Entered 11/30/01 by Dennis. Updated 11/13/2010.