Record Numbering is 'Not Working Right'


The user has changed Record Numbering, but the record numbers are not coming out the way they want, while using Goldenseal construction estimating software or accounting software.


Tech support staff- the best way to start with this is to open Options--Record Numbering, and type in the same format that they have. Then you can see on the screen the same thing that the user has.


Usually the problem is that the user expects the new format to apply to previous records that have different record numbers.

You can explain that the Record Numbering setup does two things:

  1. It sets what the next record number is. For example, if the setup is PRO-06-001, then the next record will be number 6001. NOTE-- This does not affect any past records, just new ones made after the change is made.
  2. It formats the way that ALL record number appear on the screen. For example, if the setup is PRO-06-001, then record #1 will be PRO-00-001, and record #5128 will be PRO-05-128.

If they change Record Numbering, it will change the appearance of all past records, but not the actual record numbers. So they may need to go back to existing records, and type in a new number. For example, if they are changing from 1/2/3 format to something like EST-2006-001, then they'll need to go to record 1 and renumber it to be 2006001. NOTE-- the record numbers don't look editable, since they have a transparent background. But users can still click on the text and edit it.

Another possible problem-- they may be expecting to see the change instantly in the currently-open record. To solve that, have them move to a different record and come back (or close and re-open the window). Then the new format will appear.


Entered 6/15/06 by Dennis. Updated 11/13/2010.