Installing QuickTime


The Windows version of Goldenseal small business software gives a message that Quicktime is not on the computer.


Installer will give a warning if no Quicktime. You can also check via Start Button-- Settings-- Control Panel. There will be a QuickTime icon if it is already installed.


If we sent a CD, Quicktime installer is on it.

Otherwise, download it as follows:

  1. Open your favorite web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc).
  2. Go to this download link for Apple Quicktime.
  3. Click the Quicktime download link, and follow instructions to download QuickTime for your version of Windows.
  4. After you install theQuickTimeInstaller on your hard drive, run it, and the rest of the QuickTime setup will happen.

HINT-- You don't need to download iTunes, and you can leave blanks when it asks for an email address.


Goldenseal business management software for Windows needs QuickTime-- we use it for graphics and a few other things.

Entered 5/27/03 by Dennis. Updated 11/3/2010.