Import from MacNail


Checks or deposits not importing from MacNail construction accounting software. Getting "bad payee" or "bad job" message in the validation file, when importing into Goldenseal accounting software.


Check the lines in the ledger or log files.
Bad payee- The number in the "no" column (ledger) or the "biz#", "sub#" or "emp#" column (logs) should refer to a valid line in Master Index.
Bad job- the number in the "job#" column must be in the Master Index job list.


Two choices:
FIX IN MACNAIL- enter the above information before doing the export. User may need to create some additional accounts for one-time payees. Then do the entire export again.
FIX IN GOLDENSEAL- It may be easier to set up 'misc cost' accounts in Goldenseal construction accounting software and then enter stray transactions there.

MacNail was much less structured, so many people entered 'one time' payments by just typing text into the who? or jobsite columns. The export uses the numbers instead, and looks up data from the Master Index.
Goldenseal is much more structured. Every transaction needs to go to valid accounts. So it just skips MacNail line items that don't have enough info.


Entered 8/6/01 by Dennis. Updated 11/3/2010.