Loses Posting After Export/Import


User did an export of company file, then import into new version. Payments did not post to the expense transaction, and/or deposits did not post to billing records or sales


They did export of company file, then did an import using GS 1.06 or earlier.
They have paid expense transactions but status is Entered not Paid.
They have paid billing records but status is Entered, not Paid.


**See notes in Comments before going thru this procedure.**

1. Choose Checking Transactions from Accounts menu, choose All Accounts.
2. Check for any checks or payments with a Purchase breakdown, or deposits with a Payment breakdown.
3. Change status to Void. (If record is locked, clear the Reconcile field, leave, and then come back).
4. Export Company File.
5. Make a new empty file, and Import Company File.
6. Go through all transactions from step 2, and change status to Entered.


This is a bug in import. The problem is fixed in version 1.07 of Goldenseal business management software.
The breakdowns don't exist when the bank transaction is imported, so they don't post. We now have special import code that posts them when they come in.
**This problem can also be fixed by opening the file in 1.07, exporting it, then opening a totally clean file and importing into it.**

Entered by Gor. Updated 11/4/2010.