Locked and Read-Only Files


It says the company file is locked or on a CD!
It says the company file is read-only.


1. Are they opening a file that's on a CD, CD-RW or other read-only medium?
2. Have they dragged a file from a CD onto their Windows hard drive?


You can't run a company file that's on a CD. Goldenseal business management software needs to change the file, which is not possible on a CD.

Likewise, you can't run the Goldenseal application while it's on a CD or read-only medium. Drag it onto your hard drive, and run it from there.

NOTE-- Some very early versions of Goldenseal were not so clever about CD's-- they may give inappropriate error messages or even freeze up. You probably won't see them since 2.1 was a free update and they were fixed long before that.

If users drag a backup file from a CD to the hard disk, it will still be "read only" in Windows (the Macintosh is much smarter). Goldenseal business management software can't work with a read-only file, since it writes a record to the Audit Trail as soon as the file opens. Click this link for more on copying CD files in WIndows.


Entered 9/27/04 by Dennis. Updated 11/5/2010.