Competing Bids Menu


The Competes With field in Bid records does not show the correct bids. Shows all bids, or doesn't show any bids.


From version 1.0 to 1.08, this menu went in and out of working correctly as we fiddled with the basic code for competing bids, transaction clairvoyant display and other related code.

In 1.09 we got it right, though there may be some straggling problems because of different data formats from 1.07 and earlier.

NOTE-- We had some similar problems with the menu displaying bids in an estimate. I think that took much longer to fix though I don't have exact notes on it.


Newer versions of Goldenseal construction bidding software display competing bids properly in Bid records.


Entered 6/14/03 by Casey. Updated 11/3/2010.