Subcontractor Bids in Estimates


What bids should Goldenseal construction bidding software show in an estimate?


User enters a Bid line item into an Estimate, and clicks in the Cost Item column to see specific bids. They are confused by the items listed.


Goldenseal will show all bids that are 1/ not already in an estimate, 2/ not competing with a 'master' competitor, 3/ not void.

If something is in the Category column, it will only show items that are in that category.

NOTE-- In some earlier versions it may not do the above exactly. E.g. there was a bug in 2.3 that made it show all bids, fixed in 2.4 of Goldenseal estimating software. Then we made another change that caused all bids to show again, for a while-- fixed in 2.8.

Some users are confused by the competitive bidding setup. If a bid has something in the Competes With field, it will not show up in Estimates directly (only the bid listed in the Competes With field will show up). However if this bid is the lowest of its competitors, its price will show up in the estimate.

Click the link for a bidding troubleshooting guide.


Entered 5/16/03 by Dennis. Updated 11/2/2010.