Clearing a Crowded Bank Account


A bank account has thousands of records, and the Reconcile command is becoming extremely slow.


After several years, a bank account has become unwieldy because it has tens of thousands of records. The user wants to "start over" with a new account, so Goldenseal accounting software will run faster.


Follow these steps to "start over" with a new bank account:

  1. Choose Checking from the Accounts menu.
  2. Use the Find command to locate the previous account.
  3. You might want to rename it to something like 'Citibank 2004-2010'
  4. Check the current balance. You might want to use the Reconcile command to update it.
  5. Click the New button.
  6. Enter a name for the new account. You might want to name it something like 'Citibank 2011'.
  7. Enter the closing balance from the old account, into the Starting Balance field.
  8. Enter the checkbooks you are still using, and the next check number for each checkbook.
  9. Start using the new account.
  10. The next one or two bank statements will have transactions in both accounts. Reconcile the older account first, then adjust the Starting Balance in the newer account, if necessary.
  11. When the old account is completely reconciled, you can change its status to Closed.

HINT-- You can 'start over' any time, although it's probably easiest to do it at the beginning of a quarter, or a new year.


Entered 1/10/2011 by Dennis.