Check Address & Logo


Should user have their address printed on checks, or will the Goldenseal accounting software do that?


User has questions of setup on pre-printed checks.


Well, they can do it either way.

We don't include address or logo in our check forms, since many people get them pre-printed. However they can easily add logo and address info via Custom Layouts.

Having Goldenseal accounting software print the address and logo has a few advantages, e.g. if they move they won't have to throw out old checks.

There is also a BIG disadvantage-- if someone steals the check blanks, they can more easily use them by printing their own address & logo on the checks and passing them. That could be very expensive.

Users will need to make the decision based on their specific situation.


Entered 3/16/04 by Dennis. Updated 10/24/2010.