Duplicated Bank Transactions


bank account totals are wrong,
duplicate Bank Transactions when transfers between accounts are involved,
after changing a transaction, both the posting knock and a system beep sound

PROBLEM FIXED in VERSION 1.05 of Goldenseal accounting software.


1. have you recently modified an existing bank transaction involving another bank account? Look for Bank Checks, Payments, and Transfer Outs to another account (ie: check to pay credit card bill); or Deposits and Transfer Ins from another acount. If so, continue; if not get more info.
2. Look for duplicated transactions in the account that is off.


The original transaction's Status is "Cancelled", the duplicate will have later dating.
a) If dates, check#s, or such are not an issue then delete the original since it is no longer linked to the other acct's transaction, but the duplicate is.
b) If they are an issue, First: unlock and delete the duplicate; Second: unlock and delete the referenced transaction in the other account; Third: re-post the original transaction, this will re-make the other account's transaction.


Entered 6/7/01 by Gor. Updated 10/24/2010.