Locked Fields in Bank Transactions


if you find Bank Transactions in Goldenseal accounting software versions 2.3 and earlier, you can change stuff at top if it's the last found record


They have a weird bank record with something totally invalid in the fields at the top. Running totals are off.

NORMAL BEHAVIOR-- they should only be able to change the bank account and the transaction type in the LAST bank transaction record. We do that because switching transaction type or account in the middle of the series would screw up running totals.

THE PROBLEM-- In 2.3 and earlier, it was possible to change the fields at the top of a bank transaction if you did a Find, and then went to the last found record. Generally this is not a problem, but we don't expect those fields to change so it might screw things up.


In the rare case that someone calls on this specifically, tell them not to change stuff at the top! It's more likely we'll see some kind of unexpected data because they changed something that was theoretically impossible.

In Goldenseal accounting software versions 2.31 and later they can't change anything that would cause problems.


Entered 1/14/03 by Dennis. Updated 10/24/2010.