Deleting Bank Transactions


Can't delete a Bank Transaction in Goldenseal accounting software.
Trying to delete a credit card, checking, cash or other bank payment, deposit or transfer from Goldenseal Accounting Software.


They are trying to delete a bank transaction in Goldenseal construction accounting software, and it says they can't, or the menu command is gray.


1. Make sure there is nothing in the Reconcile field.
2. If there is something in Reconcile and they have just cleared it, they'll probably need to leave the record and come back, before GS will allow them to delete it.
3. If the above doesn't allow deletion, check the transaction details. If it's half of a transfer, they need to delete the other end of the transfer. Even then, in most GS versions they can't delete the other half-- it's just changed to Cancelled status.

NOTE-- We used to have it update the record upon reconcile field change, but that caused other more serious problems.


Entered 2/8/01 by Dennis. Updated 10/24/2010.