Category Breakdowns in Expense Reports


When I make one of the Expense Reports and do a breakdown by category, it doesn't include the categories from category breakdowns or item breakdowns!


User wants to see a breakdown of expenses by category which uses the data in breakdown tables. They are using the Labor Hours, Equipment Hours, Material Purchases, Subcontractor Costs or Other Costs reports (under Reports--Expenses) and they are not getting what they want from the Goldenseal accounting software.


Use one of the job cost reports instead-- those are smarter and include cost categories from breakdowns. Choose Projects from the Reports menu, and choose Costs by Category, Costs by Subcategory or Costs by Location from the submenu. For overhead costs, choose Expenses from the Reports menu and choose Itemized Overhead from the submenu.


The Expense reports use the basic format for breakdowns, and just look at the value of the Category field in the main expense record (not the individual breakdowns within each expense).

NOTE-- Most of the reports just use data fields from the main record and don't "dive down" into breakdowns. It takes special coding on our part to combine the two types of data in the report.

Entered 7/6/05 by Dennis. Updated 10/22/2010.