Goldenseal 3.5 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the version 3.5 software update for Goldenseal estimating software and accounting software (released November 3, 2005).

Bugs Fixed
Contract doesn't get Specs for Change Orders
Estimate Addresses are Blank in Printed Forms
Estimate Category Breakdown Gives Warning
Items not showing in Clairvoyant Popups when >960 choices
Longest Length & Longest Width don't allow Decimals
Menu shows wrong bank account
Missing help text in Rental Units
Pay Bills Command fills in Wrong Value
Payroll Tax Payments Report has bad Display
Project Log Report has bad Display
Replace All won't do Percent Adjustment
Spell-out Text in Check Printing has Incorrect Value
Variable Prices don't Update Correctly in Estimates
Warning Message in Mac OSX if No Printer Selected

Minor Changes & Improvements
Better Sorting for Category-Only Print Forms
Cost Items avoid Unnecessary Price Updates
Overtime Warning in Labor Hours

New Features
Marking Expenses for Overhead and Cost of Goods Sold
Piecework Rates in Payroll
Updated Material Costs for Estimating