I Don't See a Bank Menu!

Do you have the basic version of Goldenseal?

The basic (estimating only) version does not include the Bank menu or any accounting commands. You'll need the full version of Goldenseal accounting software, to see them.

Are you running Goldenseal?

When the full version of Goldenseal is running, the menus read-- File / Edit / View / Accounts / Bank / Income / Costs / Options / Reports / Help.

If you see a different set of menus, they belong to a different program.

HINT-- If you are using our Macintosh accounting software, you can check the menu bar to see which program is currently running. The name of the current program is displayed immediately to the right of the apple, near the upper left corner of your screen.

Are you looking at the menus for a different program?

In Microsoft Windows you may see several sets of menus on the screen at the same time. The Goldenseal menus are located at the top of the Goldenseal window (which has a greenish background).

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