Start/End Date in Reports

The date range in the Reports window has weird dates!

Goldenseal accounting software keeps track of the earliest and latest dates for all records, and uses it for the "all items" date range in the Reports windows. If you enter a transaction or account with an unusual date, that date will be "remembered" in the Reports window, even if you delete or re-date the record.

In very rare cases, the stored dates may also become corrupted, and start showing unusual dates.

To "rebuild" the stored dates used for reports, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Security from the View menu, and choose Verify File from the submenu.
  2. Goldenseal will check every record in your company file, and report any problems. It will also rebuild the start and end dates for reports.

If either of the dates is still off after doing that, then you have at least one record with an unusual date. You can use the Find command to locate any dates that are incorrect. For example, if you type <1/1/2000 into the Date field when using the Find command, Goldenseal will locate all records dated before Jan 1, 2000.

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