Conflict with VectorWorks for Windows


User has Goldenseal and VectorWorks both open at the same time (Windows version only).

Some operations in VectorWorks go very slowly, taking several seconds to perform.

When Goldenseal accounting software is closed, the problem goes away.

NOTE-- Goldenseal does not seem to run any slower when VectorWorks is in the background. However we don't do very much that is processor-intensive, so there may be delays that are just not noticeable.


This appears to be caused by some sort of conflict within QuickTime (which is used by both Goldenseal and VectorWorks).

When either program is running and not active, they use almost no CPU time. However when both are open, they suddenly start to consume 30% and more of the CPU cycles while they are in the background.


Only run one program at a time.

If both programs are open at the same time, closing excess windows seems to help reduce the problem.

This problem does not seem to happen with our Macintosh accounting software.


This problem has been reported to VectorWorks and Apple, and they may be able to come up with a solution.


Entered 4/27/06 by Casey. Updated 11/14/2010.