Printing Flagged Records


Printing 'flagged items' does not print in the original order in Goldenseal accounting software


They've used the Print Forms command for mailing labels or shipping labels, using the 'flagged items' or 'unprinted items" options. They don't print in the expected sorted order.

REASON: For speed, Goldenseal construction accounting software grabs the list of flagged or unprinted items from the menu arrays, which are usually sorted alphabetically. So items will print alphabetically by name, not in the order entered.


If for some reason they need to be in the order entered, use the Find command to find the flagged items (or unprinted items), then print Found Items instead.

That will show up in the current record order. If it is sorted, so will labels be.

HINT-- We use the above when we print just a few mailing or shipping labels on a partial sheet of labels. We include some 'dud' records to print in the places where the label is already used, so the printing order is important.


Entered 2/1/02 by Randy. Updated 11/12/2010.