Goldenseal is Slow-- Statement Field


It's slow when changing the statement field in Bank Transactions while reconciling.


When a bank record is changed, Goldenseal construction accounting software versions 2.3 and earlier will recalculate the running totals for all subsequent records. That may take a couple of seconds, especially if the disk is fragmented.

In Goldenseal 2.4 and later we check what was changed, and only update running totals if the amount or status were changed. That means you can enter into the statement field without affecting all subsequent fields.

NOTE-- There were actually some fixes to this problem prior to 2.4, but we didn't catch all possible ways to avoid recalculating until 9/2/03.


Get newer version of Goldenseal accounting software. In current versions of Goldenseal, the Reconcile command is much improved, so you don't need to change the Statement field very often.


Entered 11/26/01 by Dennis. Updated 10/24/2010.