Printing List of Categories


User wants to print a list of Categories, sales taxes, or some other list from their company file.


We don't have direct printing of lists. However they can export whatever info they want to a word processor or spreadsheet, and print it from there.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Export from the File menu, and choose One List Class from the submenu.
  2. From the Export dialog, choose the type of item to export.
  3. In the next dialog, enter a file name and location.
  4. In the optional field order dialog, choose the data to export, then click Export.
  5. Open a word processor or spreadsheet.
  6. Choose Open from the File menu.
  7. Locate the file from step 3.
  8. Format as desired, and print.


They could also set up a report to show list items, if they need this frequently. Custom reports, make a report table, choose Lists at the top.

NOTE-- as of 8/1/03 we have a report button in Category Systems which creates a list of categories and subcategories from Goldenseal small business accounting software. This is the main place where users have wanted to see a report of list items. It makes a text file which they can open in a spreadsheet or word processor.


Entered 5/14/01 by Dennis. Updated 10/22/2010.