Goldenseal Multi-User Accounting



Goldenseal is "groupware" software that you can run as a client-server program on a network. It lets your entire company have quick and easy access to your company data. Goldenseal multi-user works with any combination of Windows and Macintosh computers.

With the multi-user version, any number of computers can access the same file via a LAN (local area network) or dial-up connection. You can use a Macintosh or Windows server, and any combination of Macs and Windows as clients.

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Client-Server Accounting

Goldenseal is a client-server program which stores your data on a server machine (any computer can act as the server). Other computers on the network can "sign on" to the server as a client. Depending on their password access, each client can view and change any records on the server file.

All database changes are posted instantly, so all users see up-to-date information at all times.

For small offices, you can use the two-user version with two computers. One person can use the server machine just like the single-user version, and a second user can sign on and also access the same data.

For larger offices, use a separate server machine, and have all users sign on as clients.

Security Features

Goldenseal lets you assign each user a different password, which allows different levels of access to each part of the program. Within each area, users can have full access, data entry access, view-only access or no access.

You can also turn on an Audit Trail to get a separate record of who entered each record, and when changes were made.

Goldenseal includes a record locking feature-- when one user is changing a record, other users can view that record, but can't also change it.

Network Options

Goldenseal uses TCP/IP to run on any flavor of Ethernet (10T, 100T or Gigabyte). You can also run it on a wireless network.

If you have employees at a remote location, you can connect to your server over the Internet via a VPN.