Goldenseal 4.32 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the Version 4.32 software update (released December 28, 2008).

Bugs Fixed
Breakdown Tables-- left arrow selects zero-width columns
Convert to Customer-- doesn't save account
Estimates-- can freeze if Magnify is turned on
Estimates-- changes not updated in new projects
Job Costs-- can put more than 100% completion into job progress window
Payroll-- error message when creating paychecks
Pictures-- not deleted when record is deleted
Project Reports-- sometimes will not show project field
Reports-- error message if 'one account' and also auto-fill
Time Tracking-- doesn't work from client

Minor Changes & Improvements
Inventory Used-- added More Info button
Printing-- option to hide progress dialog
Time & Materials Billing-- handles large initial deposits
View Contracts-- button dims if no contracts

New Features
Estimates-- optional column to skip markups
Number and money fields-- calculators
Problem Log and To Do List-- more fields
Reports-- more date range options