Goldenseal 4.2 Update

This section covers bug fixes and new features in the Version 4.2 software update for Goldenseal accounting software and construction estimating software (released April 22, 2008).

Bugs Fixed
Account Icons-- gives error message when trying to change
Allowance Billing-- retainage in wrong field
Bank Transactions-- Account Verification Failed message
Competitive Bids-- incorrect handling of rough estimates
Estimate Breakdowns-- clairvoyant popups visible in tables with more than 1200 rows
Itemized P&L Report-- unexpected quits
Job Costs window-- double-click on Unallocated not showing items
Payroll Tax Items-- changing payee now moves just one tax
Project Accounts-- Bad CTID field message
Quickbooks Import-- carriage returns in addresses
Quickbooks Import-- works for all Mac versions

Minor Changes & Improvements
Comp Time-- now posts to Employee accounts
Cost Items-- subcontractor items can use any pricing method
Estimates & Sales-- can hide the Tax column
Overhead & Real Estate accounts-- use Estimates as budgets
Reports-- Unpaid Items option skips Job Cost Only status
Sales-- picks up info from Estimates
Sales-- quote only status allows blank payment method
Time & Materials Billing-- can now apply partial 'on account' balances
W-2 Forms-- removed commas and $

New Features
Accounts-- View Unfinished Problems button for projects, employees, subs
All Expenses Report-- add Job Cost amount and T&M amount
Bid Report-- showing competing bids, billed & paid amounts
Bids & PO's-- allow individual payment warnings
Billing Records-- add custom record numbering
Change Order & Allowance Billing-- calculates retainage
Check Printing-- option to use 6 dollars and 5 cents instead of 6 and 5/100 dollars
Estimates-- room dimensions in line items
Multi-User version-- now runs native for Macintosh OS X
Purchase Orders-- added picture field, currency info
Subcontractor accounts-- 1099 Amount field for finding subs above cutoff amount