Running Total is Off


Account reconciles OK, but the running total is "wrong" in Goldenseal construction accounting software.


Explain that it's hard for us to find the problem since we can't see the data, but the items below will help them to find it:

Going to Reports--Banking--Checking Transactions may help to locate bad entries.

Over the years we have heard of all the following as causes for this kind of bank total error:

  • Bad typing, $10,000 entered instead of $1,000 (or vice versa)
  • Item entered as deposit not payout (or vice versa). Most common for misc bank charges or interest.
  • Same item entered 2 or 3 times by mistake.
  • Accidentally voided or deleted an item.
  • Never entered an item but thought they did.
  • Starting Balance off in account because of checks previously cleared (or not yet cleared)


Here are some hints for finding problems in bank transactions:

  1. To find uncleared transactions, choose Find from the Edit menu, click in the Statement field and choose None, then hit the Find button. Anything there by mistake?
  2. Sometimes it helps to look at the banking report, which is a register view (Reports-- Banking-- Checking Transactions). To see just uncleared items, do #1 and then enter Found Items into Item Range for the report.
  3. To find accidental duplicates, choose Find Duplicates from the Edit menu, and look on the Amount field. Searching for dupes on other fields may also help.

See also the 'first reconcile' hints in Special Topics.


Entered 2/26/03 by Dennis. Updated 10/24/2010.