Roofing Calculators


1. The roofing area is low by a few square feet on steep roofs.
2. Roof framing area does not include overhangs.

These problems occur in Goldenseal 3.1 and earlier. They only apply to the Architect Starter File, Construction Starter File, Developer Starter File, Framing Starter File and Metric Starter File.

Caught By

User bug report.


Goldenseal 3.2 fixes these problems.

If you have an earlier version, follow these steps:

  1. Click the link to download a text file with the latest Roofing dimension calculators.
  2. Save the Roof_Dimensions.txt file on your hard drive at a convenient place.
  3. Open your company file.
  4. Choose Import from the File menu, and choose Other Update from the submenu.
  5. Locate the Roof_Dimensions.txt file on your hard drive and open it.
  6. Goldenseal will automatically adjust two of the roofing calculators to be more accurate.

Technical Details

Goldenseal now calculates roofing area by taking the basic project area, and multiplying that by a roof slope factor that accounts for the extra length of the roof "diagonal". It then adds in the extra area for overhangs at the eaves and rakes.

NOTE-- This roof calculation is actually a little too high, since it counts the area at the corners twice. For a typical roof overhang it will give you about 4 square feet of extra roofing area. However on many projects it is more accurate to add soffit areas separately, since it accounts for the extra overhangs in a complex roof, and removes the overhang if you build an addition that abuts an existing building.