Bids in Contracts


Contract Text field in a Bid does not show in a Contract. Instead the contract shows the Details field.


They're using the Write Contract button to make a contract from an Estimate that includes subcontractor or supplier Bids. The contract includes the wrong text from the Bid.


In Goldenseal project management software version 2.93 and earlier, it will pick up text from the Details field. In versions 2.94 and later it gets text from the Contract Text field instead.

NOTE-- Actually, if the Contract Text field is blank it still uses Details (so prior bids won't break).


We really have too many descriptive text fields in Bids. One of those Bad Planning things as we added long text fields per user request, into Goldenseal construction bidding software and project management software.

Entered 8/28/04 by Casey. Updated 11/13/2010.