Band Joists in Floor Assemblies


Do floor assemblies include band joists (the ones that run around the outside of the building)? Do they include stair headers or extra framing for things not coming out even?


YES, the floor framing unit prices in BidMagic Construction Estimating Software are increased to cover the 'extra' framing on an average project.


If it's a very simple rectangle project they could probably adjust the cost down maybe 5%, if very complex, maybe increase it by 5% or 10%. But for most jobs the numbers we use should be pretty close without adding extra for band joists (the ones that go around the perimeter of the building), stair headers, doubled joists, etc.


Entered 10/12/95 by Dennis. Updated 10/18/2010.

NOTE-- We retired BidMagic estimating software in 2002. It has been replaced by Goldenseal, which is integrated estimating software and project management software (plus optional accounting software).